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Miki Starr wearing crown and raising eyeglasses
Being Miki Starr

UX-Centered Digital Marketer | Creative Strategist

& Novelist

“If your dreams don't scare you, they're not big enough.”

—Ellen Johnson Sirleaf

Digiemade Photo thumbnail image


DigieMade Photography

Experience how a modest website redesign became a rebranding transformation that reshaped a photographer's digital presence.

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Altierus Career College

Unveiling the strategy that propelled our flailing social channels to new heights of engagement, both internally and externally.

Ask Olive flatlay thumbnail


Ask Olive

Discover how this app prototype transformed user needs into an intuitive AI-powered app experience that would allow them to take control of their health.

AOTA app onboarding screen


App of the Anointed

Unraveling the step-by-step journey toward the development of an easily understood mid-fidelity reading companion prototype.

Mobile phones with screenshot of emails


Altierus Career College

From email newbie to inbox hero: The story of how I transformed our team's email marketing strategy and execution—with zero prior experience.

Design portfolio in different devices


Design Portfolio

Process overview of the frontend development of a condensed, replica portfolio website using HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript. 

design work


Shawn-Michelle "Miki Starr" Johnson  


As a digital marketing professional and visual communication designer based in the Twin Cities, Minnesota, I'm a master at blending creativity with UX expertise. With over 5 years of experience in areas like social media, email, visual and written content creation (& more), plus over a decade in graphic design, I bring a unique perspective to every project. 

What I love about UX-focused digital marketing is its blend of psychology, technology, creativity, and empathy—all areas of deep interest!

My skills include maintaining brands' online presence through strategic planning, exhaustive research, insightful problem-solving, high-quality content creation, and inspired leadership, for the purpose of fostering a relevant, digital-first culture. Not to mention, I'm an accomplished fiction novelist, which adds dimension to my creative endeavors. 

Let's collaborate! Feel free to contact me.

Miki Starr wearing a crown and shirt that says Digital Diva

What People Say

"Right from the interview process, Miki stood out as unique and multi-talented... Hiring her was one of the best decisions of my career."
—Jeremy E., Former VP 

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