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Career FAQs

To save you time, below are answers to some of my most frequently asked interview questions. 

Tell me about yourself.

My journey into marketing began as a graphic designer, primarily focused on print media. A significant turning point came after a company merger and subsequent layoffs, which pushed me into freelancing in web design and development for local businesses. This experience opened the door to digital marketing. When I was hired to support the Senior Manager of owned and earned media, who unexpectedly resigned before my start date, I seized the opportunity. I revamped our social media presence, crafted an effective email strategy, and assisted in project management. Despite facing another round of layoffs, I accepted a similar role but soon realized the job didn't align with expectations. Rather than settling, I decided to pursue a long-standing goal: completing a UX Design and Front-End Development bootcamp, which I achieved in October 2023. Currently, I'm assisting local businesses with web design, development, and digital marketing consultation while actively seeking a new role.

With your varied experience, what kind of role are you actually looking for?

This is admittedly a bit of a complex question. I understand the expectation for one to have a niche and given my recent investment in a UX bootcamp, it's logical to assume that's where my focus lies. However, I enjoy all aspects of my work and see the UX bootcamp as an expansion rather than a career transition. While I'm eager to grow in UX design, I value the diversity of digital marketing. It's the one field that leverages my experience in visual design, writing, SEO, email, and coding.

Tell me about a project in your career that you're most proud of.

There are actually two campaigns I initiated that I'm particularly proud of, and both involve a role in education. The first, though not listed on my resume, was during a year as a design instructor at an alternative high school for students who were no longer welcome in traditional schools. An unexpected part of this role was serving as a student advisor for a class of nearly 20 students, many of whom were single teen mothers, homeless, and/or gang-affiliated and needed to graduate before aging out. I used my skills as a designer to launch a graduation campaign, which enabled me to boast a 100% graduate rate that school year.

The second was my "When We Do, We Become" social media campaign to promote brand awareness of our career colleges, which served a similar adult student population. The theme was to demonstrate the power of hands-on learning and its potential impact on improving one's life. The campaign provided an excellent means to showcase the impact of the school and spotlight our graduates. Additionally, this campaign significantly increased engagement by approximately 73% during its run, contributing to an improvement in lead conversions.

Tell me about an example of a successful marketing campaign you were part of.

One of the top marketing initiatives I contributed to was our career college's "All-Inclusive" campaign. The premise of this campaign was to promote the benefit of our school's all-inclusive tuition, which covered not only tuition fees but also books, uniforms, and tools. I assisted my team in ideating and brainstorming campaign messaging and creative elements for website updates and paid Google ad campaigns.


Have you ever been in leadership?

Yes and no. After our entire C-suite departed due to a merger, I stepped into the role of interim Marketing Supervisor, overseeing a team of 4 creatives and a logistics person. Beyond that experience, while not always in a formal position of authority, I've often taken on unofficial leadership roles. In various positions, I've supported my team, taken initiative on tasks outside my responsibilities, and assisted VPs on broader initiatives. My leadership style is best described by my peers as democratic, as I value input and consider feedback in my decision-making.

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Professional Certifications

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