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Video Transcript

Being a modern designer poses a unique challenge. Gone are the days where understanding typography and color theory suffice, let alone ones ability to boast about how cleanly you can cut images from their background—AI can assist with all of that.

In an era of iRobot, it isn't enough to be a master of one. To be truly successful in the art of storytelling a brand, one must be willing to constantly evolve. That's me… #BeingMikiStarr. Digital diva. Doer of all. Master of none.

This is my brand story.



In a not-so-distant world, there was a budding career gal who sought opportunities for creative expression yet continuously encountered walls of adversity and opposition, quite often as a direct manifestation of her own insecurities. Intelligent, curious, talented, and competent beyond her perception, she longed for a space where her boundless imagination would be appreciated and celebrated. However…

Have you ever seen the film "Big Daddy" starring Adam Sandler? If so, you might recall a touching scene where the main character, Sonny, gives his “foster” son, Julian, a pair of "magic" sunglasses to help him feel invisible whenever he was scared.

Much like Julian, I spent a chunk of my career unwittingly making myself invisible as a source of protection. Becoming a casualty of company layoffs, this revelation would suddenly become quite poignant.

In today’s world of chatbots and ever-evolving algorithms, a blossomed career gal has found creative expression in a UX-centered approach to Digital Marketing, incorporating her deep sense of empathy (and boot camp certification). Though she may still encounter obstacles, she knows who she is, how to show up with authenticity, and how to face every challenge unobstructed, daring it to look away.



[View 2023 Pre-interview Video]

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