“If your dreams don't scare you, they're not big enough.”

- Ellen Johnson Sirleaf


Miki Starr

Intensely passionate about design and the written word, Miki is most at home when she is creating branded communications, designing for web, and writing fiction novels. 

Devon Anthony Johnson

Music composer and logo designer, Devon is also just a little bit of creative genius. His logical and methodical approach to his crafts result in beautiful and cohesive finished works.

Ella Fitzgerald the Cat

The soul of team and the one that keeps things moving by keeping everyone on their toes. She loves water, whether splashing it in her bowl, the sink, or the toilet. Soft spoken, so long as you don't get on her bad side!

Hendrixx Duke

The "old head" of the house, he's seen it all and done more. From a wild kitten that was returned to the Humane Society multiple times before finding his forever home, to a mellow and settled adult. He's gentle and loving, so long as it's on his terms. If not, you might see his claws!

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