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About BCDD

The place where great ideas are dreamed up.

Come on in...we're just #BEINGCREATIVE 

We love design! Every aspect of it from color to type, print to digital, from pictures to words to sound. We're a "freedom-lance" duo in the Twin Cities, both born with the desire to express our passion for design through the creation of beautiful and clear visual, verbal, and tonal communication.

One, but not the same 

He’s a little classic. She’s a little old skool. He's laid-back and thoughtful. She's energetic and impulsive. The same but different and together they make the perfect team - that’s why they got married.

Might we be the creative team for you?


The life blood of your business, your brand increases your company's value by making your presence known to the world. It provides direction and burrows itself into the memory banks of the consumer. It is
your identity. 

Web Design

Believe it or not (believe it), consumers judge you, your products, and services based on the quality of your website. It's true. So impress your visitors with an informative and intriguing digital experience.

Print Design

While it would seem that the entire world is on the web, there are still some places and ways that are well beyond the matrix's reach. This is the sector where printed collateral becomes a key component of your marketing strategy. 

Copy Writing

Words matter. They tell us a story. Paint us a picture. Give life to  our imagination. Give voice to our emotions. As important, the right words can guide us to the perfect product. They can get us the service we need or get us to the place we didn't know we wanted to be. Find your voice.

Sound Design

Imagine a world without sound. Movies, television shows, commercials, would all lose meaning...would all lose impact without the benefit of music in some form. Be it epic, romantic, intermittent, or a simple jingle, your video project needs sound in order to get your point across.

Social Media Content Creation & Design

Includes product photography and ad design, quarterly planning, and scheduling.

$40 pr hr

Content Writing

$50 pr hr

Visual Communications Design

Print and digital graphic design. Includes 2-3 mockups and as many revisions as needed.

$60 pr hr

Web Design + Non-coding Development

Using Wix or Squarespace ($500 minimum).

$75 pr hr

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Project Pricing

When budgets are strict, we are happy to quote your job in advance.
As these jobs are based on educated guesswork, they are calcuated at a higher rate.

Social Media Account Creation

Includes branded artwork.







Content Writing

$65 pr hr x's estimated total hours

Visual Communications Design

Print and digital graphic design. Includes 2-3 mockups and limited revisions. 

$75 pr hr x's estimated total hours

Web Design + Non-coding Development

Using Wix or Squarespace ($500 minimum).

$90 pr hr x's estimated total hours

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Hourly Pricing

As our times is as precious are your project, we prefer the ease of the hourly rate.


Pricing & Guidelines

We love the art of visual storytelling so much we would do it for free! – but we can’t. Hey, don’t blame us – managing the needs of our feline staff can be quite costly. Below you will find our current rates and some general rules we live by. 


The Basic Guidelines

  • Quoted projects will be billed in thirds – 30% down / 30% at midpoint / balance at completion.

  • All quoted jobs require 30% down-payment.

  • Hourly projects will be billed on the 1st and 15th day of the month. If either day lands on a weekend, invoice will be issued the next business day. New clients should advise of any specific budgetary and accounting needs.

  • While we’re fun and flexible, as a rule, work will not commence without receipt of signed agreement and/or down-payment.

  • Deadlines should be reasonable, allowing a minimum of 2 weeks to begin.

  • Deadlines are also maleable. If client fails to provide feedback, resources, content, relevant documentation, etc. within a timely fashion, the deadline will be pushed.

  • Final files will not be released and transfer of ownership will not occur until final payment is recieved.