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Ever-passionate about the written word, Miki Starr has explored most genre's, including, sci-fi, meta-fiction, and even erotic murder mystery! 

Our autumn book sale is a great chanceto familiarize yourself with her work. Already a fan? Now is the time to round-out your collection with autographed prints or introduce her to a friend!

"This book is beautiful, sad, poignant, and wonderfully written..."

-Amazon Reviewer


SKU: 978-0972124690

They say you can never go home again, but for sixteen year old Megan Blakely this expression takes on an entirely new and personal meaning. After witnessing a traumatic betrayal of trust by her father against her mother, Meg finds herself trapped in the small Midwestern town of her mother's youth in the unwelcoming home of an estranged grandmother. Though desperate to escape isolation and return to her own life, Meg finds herself torn between family loyalty and her own needs, wants, and desires. 

DISORDERED recaps the most pivotal summer in a young girl's life. The revelation of devastating secrets, including the reality of a family history of mental illness, will challenge everything she thought she understood about herself and the world around her. This powerful, and at times, disturbing tale of love, loss, and loyalty explores the true meaning of HOME.

GENRE: Young Adult Fiction

The Skinny Girl's Guide: to Channeling the Fat Girl Inside

SKU: 978-0972124683


Ali McKenna is tired of being petite and living in the shadows cast by her taller, curvier, and more interesting sisters, Millie the Exotic and D’asia the Genius. Both, by virtue of their existence, serve to make Ali’s life more trouble than it’s worth. Now that Ali is graduating from the 8th grade, she is excited for the opportunity to make a name for herself in high school. All she needs to accomplish this is an invite to her nemesis Demitry Haggardy’s end of summer kickback and a little uninterrupted time with heartthrob Gage Campbell, and she’s certain the rest will fall in place.

But Ali couldn’t have been more wrong! An ill-timed parent-teacher conference leading to D’asia’s promotion to Advanced Placement courses at Wilma Rudolph High is only the beginning of her troubles. Suddenly younger sister,“Dull D’asia,” who made Ali’s life as the only petite member of their robust family slightly bearable, has started her period, had a growth spurt, and begun developing at a seemingly accelerated rate. Now the freshman year that Ali dreamed about is quickly fading into non-existence. She must find a way to stand apart from her siblings and keep Demitry Haggardy off her back while getting Gage Campbell to finally take notice. Desperate, she devises a plan to gain weight – and in all the right places. Unfortunately for Ali, her body has a little trouble determining what those places are!

GENRE: Youth Fiction

"This is meta-fiction to the umpth degree..."

-Shonell Bacon, Author/Editor


SKU: 978-0972124676


Dr. Nicollet Madison Fairway is a fictional psychotherapist straight out the mind of authoress Miki Starr. Problem is - she doesn’t realize it. In a loft located in Chicago’s Pilsen neighborhood, Dr. Fairway has created a very lucrative business counseling fictitious characters through a celebrated system that has been dubbed, The Fairway Method and has been greatly successful in her treatment of many very notable fictitious characters. From Eric Jerome Dickey’s Arizona, to the late Alex Haley’s Ruthana, with many other’s in between.

Now, Dr. Fairway has decided to take on a new adventure in her practice by serving a group of characters all from a single mind. In this case, it is her very own creator, Miki Starr. Unfortunately this is a much greater undertaking than the good doctor could have ever suspected. Between the troubles with her own relatives, a family filled with arrogant, self-serving doctors, her bickering clients, and her quest for true love - Dr. Fairway is doing all that she can to hold on to her sanity while trying to help her clients find a piece of their own.

GENRE: Meta Fiction

Coming to Kindle


Zella Dora

SKU: 978-0972124638

Zella Dora’s progression in life has been on hiatus for the better part of the past six years. Since losing her mother tragically and unexpectedly to a rare disease, she has inherited the duty of caring for her grieving father who vehemently refuses to accept that his wife is forever gone. Add to that the burden of being ever-present for a suicidal friend who, in a quest for love, is destined to pull everyone close to her down with her. Not to mention Zella’s own dependence on her closest friend Darwin who, unbeknownst to her, is suffering from the quiet despair of unrequited love.

Instances of unintentional eavesdropping on her neighbor’s lovemaking oddly becomes the catalyst for Zella’s desire to break free and follow her own path once again. But when Zella becomes intimately involved with her married neighbor, her world quickly spins out of control begging the question of whether she’ll ever be able to live for herself again.

GENRE: Literary/Erotic Fiction

Coming to Kindle

Olivia: Rebirth of the Anointed (Book 1)

SKU: 978-0972124669


For decades, the children of the planet Marieux were told
tales of the birth of a savior that would free their world from

the clutches of the heartless organization that controlled it for

years. Military rule, unjust laws, and recruitment of women for the purpose of serving the needs of their oppressor, exemplified the society into which they were born. But with each passing year, as civilization was further plunged into the depths of despair, it became even less conceivable that the prophecy of the Anointed Daughter of the Marinites was true.

Seventeen-year-old Olivia Kalaath, has heard this story since childhood and rejected it for just as long, despite at times being accused of being this prophecy come reality. After all, she has the golden skin tone and the extraordinary instincts synonymous with the mythical figure. Either way, being different has its price. In order to keep herself and her mother below the Shadow Realm Allegiance's radar, she practices the age-old art of concealing, a survival technique she learned as a child. But when her best friend goes missing, Olivia must decide what she believes in once and for all.

GENRE: Science Fiction

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