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designer & author

Creativity is allowing yourself to make mistakes. Design is knowing which ones to keep.

-Scott Adams

A Decade of Design

Shawn-Michelle "Miki Starr" Johnson  
A dynamic and creative, albeit slightly off-balance, author and visual communication designer for web and print, with many years of contribution to various markets. She possesses strong leadership skills, great team spirit, and a passion for all things creative. 

Works in Progress

#BEINGCREATIVE Corporate Edition 

Style Guide

This is #beingmikistarr 

So precisely what does it mean, #beingmikistarr? From art, graphical and literary, to the whimsical personality that makes Miki a Starr, it is all explained in great design detail in this personal style guide. Click the book to explore!



"A great teammate to work with...incredibly creative individual, both in artistic job duties and problem solving. A great team player...self-motivated and takes great personal pride in projects and work, never ceasing until the project has truly reached its greatest potential. And, of course, incredibly fun while still remaining professional...great at keeping spirits positive and keeping stress low."

-Carly G., Former Supervisor


Being Miki Starr 

aka #beingmikistarr


Minnesotan by way of Los Angeles/South Florida/Chicago. Dirty chai with coconut milk or vanilla white soy – no whip. Partially marked up notebooks everywhere just in case... Hip hop music for inspiration for, like, everything [duh]! Bathroom books, Angry Birds, and Duolinguistics. Sunn is bestie and ride-or-die. Sketchbooks and freshly sharpened number 2 pencils. Low key and reclusive social butterfly. In love with spouse, sunn-cat, and grandkitty. Amazing sister with an amazing sister. Awesome friend with Awesome friends who I love to Dance Party with. Tattoos real and imagined. EVOL poetry. Vivid dreamer asleep and awake. Sometimes called Mikey. Sometimes called Starr. Don't call me Michelle. Fit4fun. Fit4life. Grudges are pointless. Creative is Suite. Gemini in every sense of the sign. Late May is thee best time to have been born and anyone who was not should be jealous! Years of trying to be a runner but a lifter makes better sense. Creative words and images but sometimes not quite as creative as first thought. Oh well, try again...try again. 


Always, always try again.

Promotional video for published books available at the mikistarr.com book store. Circa 2010.